Happy Momma’s Day!!!||Family Photography Boston MA


  1. when you wrote this: “And then, I feel it’s an honor to show you that everything – in all it’s imperfect glory – is absolutely beautiful.” I got goosebumps. This is your unique talent, your incredible gift, right there. You show us our beauty so clearly. All of me, all of us, in our chaos and splendor, you bring it out and show it on the photo. When I spoke with your former instructor as a reference and he said how talented you are, I took that at face value, not really understanding what he meant. Now, even with my untrained eye, I have some glimpse into what he described. I think this is due to your generosity of spirit and love for others. It’s a pleasure to have your work in my home. I smile when I see our photos because I see our love and our imperfections and am still beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

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